Mezzanine – 8′ x 8′ Custom Space


This is a curated marketplace. Vendor spaces are by invitation only.

Customize your 8′ x 8′ space on the Mezzanine Level of the Chicago Artisan Market.

This space includes the following:

• Custom 8′ x 8′ space on Mezzanine Level
• WiFi Internet Access
• Sign will be provided

This space does not include a table or racks (unless we rent them for you). If you need electrical, please choose the add-on below.

You may bring your own table and rack(s) as an alternative to renting.

Below are 4 sample space configurations:

• One Highboy Table (24″ round top) & Two 5′ Clothing Racks, OR
• One 8′ x 30″ Table (no racks), OR
• One 6′ x 30″ Table and One 5′ Clothing Rack, OR
• One 6′ x 30″ Table and Two 5′ Clothing Racks, OR
• Anything else (e.g. dress forms, mirror) that fits into 8′ x 8′ space

We are very flexible and eager to please. Be a good neighbor (e.g. don’t block sight lines). If you’re planning on bringing signage or other large items, please talk to us beforehand.

In stock

Would you like to rent table, racks, &/or chairs?