Half Table – 4′ x 42″ (Shared Table) – Sunday, March 10, 2024


This is a curated market. Vendor spaces are by invitation only.

Half Table (shared table) fee includes the following:

* 4′ x 42″ tabletop (sharing 1/2 of an 8′ x 42″ Wood Farm Table)
* No tablecloth is needed (wood tabletop)

Wi-Fi internet access is typically available; however, please note that the venue can switch providers at any time, and we do not guarantee that it will be available or reliable.  We recommend having a back-up internet Wi-Fi source.

This space only allows for merchandising on top of the table & storage beneath the table.  Clothing racks, signs are not permitted with this table option.

Tabletop signage may not exceed 24″-30″ in height above tabletop level.

If you would like to use vertical signs, tall fixtures, clothing racks or merchandising space beyond the provided tabletop, please advise so we can send you the appropriate space option. (e.g. 8′ x 8′, 10′ x 8′, or 8′ x 6′).

City of Chicago Pop-Up License rules  – See City of Chicago Rules.  We are required to provide a list of all participating vendors to the City of Chicago along with a payment of $25 for each vendor.  If you already have an active Pop-Up License valid through the market date — we are required to provide your Account # and Expiration Date to the City of Chicago.

Food Vendor – Insurance Required: You will be required to provide a certificate of insurance naming Chicago Artisan Market, INV Marketing Group, LLC and various entities as additional insured. Details regarding COI can be found here

Food Vendor – Pre-packaged Food Only.  Pre-packaged food must be made or prepared in a licensed kitchen OR you must have a valid cottage food license.  If selling food that is not pre-packaged — please give us a call before purchasing a space as this space is reserved for Retail Users and Tier 1 food vendors as defined by the City of Chicago.

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