Add-ons Electrical, Tables & Chairs – July 14, 2024


This is for vendor who already purchased a space that would like to add a table, chair or electrical.

Tall Floor Sign (Banner Stand Sign) – only purchase if you are at a full 8’x42″ table.

We strive to maintain clear sight lines throughout our markets. If you’d like to bring a tall freestanding banner stand sign (24″-33″ wide x 72″-84″ tall), please select the $10 “Tall Floor Sign” Add-on. We will place you in a location that minimizes sight line disruption to other vendors. This applies to 8’x42″ table space vendors only. Tall signs are not allowed at smaller table options. No need to purchase if you have a non-table space, as there are no height restrictions for non-table vendor spaces.

Electrical *

Chairs *