8′ x 4′ Space – Sunday, October 16, 2022


This is a curated market. Vendor spaces are by invitation only.

This space type is reserved for vendors who utilize vertical space and should not be purchased by tabletop vendors.  Please note — this space is only 4 feet deep.

This space includes the following:

  • Space 8′ wide x 4′ deep
  • WiFi Internet Access (generally reliable — however, we encourage bringing back-up if you rely on WiFi to process retail transactions)
  • Flexible signage option
  • Vertical merchandising (e.g. rack, dress form, hat rack, etc.) is allowed with this space type.
  • This space does not include a table or racks.

You may bring your own table and rack(s) with the Custom Space option.

To rent, please make sure to add the relevant items to your cart.

We are very flexible and eager to please. Be a good neighbor (e.g. don’t block sight lines). If you’re planning on bringing signage or other large items, please talk to us beforehand.

In stock

Category * 

Please use as few words as possible to describe the category of you will be selling (i.e, Jewelry, Skincare, Soap, Candles, Chocolate, Hot Sauce, Healthy Snack, etc.).

Chair Rental


* Dedicated Circuits ($30) are required for vendors using small appliances (e.g. crock pots & warmers. (20 amps of electrical per dedicated circuit). If more needed, please call us to discuss.
* Choose Light Electrical ($25) if you are powering cell phones, laptops or task lighting.

Table Rental

If you purchased a Full Table (8′ x 42″ Farm Table or 6′ x 30″ Table) or Half Table (1/2 of 8′ x 42″ Farm Table), you should NOT rent any tables,

Clothing Rack

Only available for Custom Spaces (e.g. 8′ x 6′, 8′ x 8′, 10′ x 8′), NOT for table spaces


Deposits are non-refundable. Deposits will reserve your space until 60 days before the market; at which time full payment is due. Failure to pay the remaining balance on time may result in you forfeiting your space.