Vendor FAQ

Deadlines: We accept vendors on a rolling basis. Once a category is filled, we don’t accept additional vendors for that specific category. Certain categories such as jewelry, skincare & candles tend to fill up very quickly. We only guarantee spaces once payment is received.  We do not hold spaces without payment (i.e, if you don’t pay shortly after we accept you to the market, we may give the space to another vendor).
Acceptance: Acceptances generally go out 60 to 120 days before each market (earlier for Holiday Markets). If you are wondering where we are in terms of accepting vendors for a particular market — please check here. Given the volume of applications we receive, we do not respond to every individual application.  if you skip questions in the application regarding where/how your product is made or do not include enough information for us to evaluate if you’re a fit for the market — we are not able to evaluate if you are the “right fit” and will not get a response from us.  If you apply in the category of candles, jewelry or skincare — know that we get qualified applicants that far exceed the number of available spots. If you apply within 60 days of the market — you should hear back from us within a week if your accepted. For status updates check here.
Acceptance on a “rolling basis”: Spaces are not guaranteed until payment is received. For some markets, you can typically save a space with a non-refundable deposit of $100 if the market is more than 60 days out. Full payment is due 60 days before each market unless otherwise specified.  For status updates check here. We do not hold spaces without payment (i.e, if you don’t pay shortly after we accept you to the market, we may give the space to another vendor).
Deposits are non-refundable. We view deposits as a “firm commitment” to participate in a given market. Deposits are very time consuming and expensive for us to administer, which is why many market producers do not offer them. We offer deposits so our vendors can better plan, budget & manage cash.  (Full payment is required at 60 days before each market.)  if we have to follow-up with a particular vendor for late payment, not only do they risk forfeiting their space (if 2nd payment not made on time), but we may elect not to offer them the Deposit option in the future.
Refunds & Cancellations: All payments are non-refundable and your space is not assignable. If there is a cancellation: (1) By INV: If a cancellation of the Event by INV is necessary due to unforeseen circumstances, acts of a third party, or other circumstances which (in INV’s sole judgment) may compromise the safety of Event participants, then the Event will not be rescheduled and there will be no refunds to Vendor. (2) By Vendor: If Vendor cancels its participation at least 30 days prior to the Event, then INV will seek to find an appropriate replacement vendor – if a replacement vendor is found INV will refund 50% of the full fee paid or due.  All deposits are non refundable. INV cannot offer full refunds, due to the administrative work associated with preparation of the event. See full terms & conditions here.
Sales Tax See this link
Who produces the Market? INV Marketing Group, LLC. produces the Chicago Artisan Market in both Fulton Market and Ravenswood. We also produce the Oak Brook Artisan Market, the Naperville Artisan Market and signature events. We’ve been doing digital marketing & producing pop-up shopping event in and around Chicago for nearly 20 years, since 2004. Read more about market producers here.
How many vendors are at the Chicago Artisan Market? Typically 100-120 per market. The exact number changes with every market as we offer a variety of space types & sizes at each location.  Although the floor plans are usually “similar” for our markets — they do vary based on the season, composition of vendors, and the merchandising needs of the market.
What type of business do you accept into the market? It’s an “Artisan” market (a worker in a skilled trade, especially one that involves making things by hand)– we are looking for brands that fit that theme.  We will also take innovators, designers and entrepreneurs who are promoting their local businesses. We do accept a few sponsors at each market who help us keep our fees low for local artisans & makers.  Absolutely no independent consulting representing mass produced products.
Load-In Information:  We typically send Vendors the floor plan & your space assignment along ~48-72 hours in advance (i.e. by Thursday night the week of each market).  We include other details regarding useful day of the event information on load-in times, parking, etc.
* Load-in at the Chicago Artisan Market – Fulton Market is from 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM Sunday morning of the market. All vendors must arrive by 9 am. Vendors must exit the onsite parking spaces no later than 9:30am so shoppers can utilize our free onsite parking (~30 spaces usually)
* Load-in at the Chicago Artisan Market – Ravenswood  is from 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM Saturday morning of the market. All vendors must arrive by 9:00 AM. After loading in vendors are asked to park west of the METRA track to allow Market Shoppers to use the spaces the market. We generally will offer late Friday afternoon load-in (i.e. 3-5pm) as well — when this is possible — however, we will notify vendors of this option the week before the market (not always possible).
* The market opens to the public promptly at 10:00 AM and ends at 4:00 PM. (If you’re running late & haven’t arrived or notified us by 9:30am, we will remove your space (with no refunds) — and we will likely not accept you to future markets)
* Address: Morgan MFG – 401 N. Morgan St., Chicago, IL 60642 for Fulton Market and 4325 N. Ravenswood Ave, Chicago, IL 60613.
What is the difference between “Table” and “Custom” spaces.
The TABLE space option is tabletop only. 
  • Pro: You don’t have to bring your own table.  You come in & fill up your tabletop – very easy for a lot of vendors.
  • Con: You are limited to merchandising 24″ to 30” above table height (no tall vertical signage or freestanding fixtures)
With the “Custom” Space options (8’ x 6’ | 8’ x 8’ | 10’ x 8’), we simply mark the 4 corners of the space (painter’s tape on floor).
  • Pro: You can set-up however you’d like – including bringing taller banner stand signs, easels, clothing racks, other fixtures, etc. – if you do an 8’ x 8’ & 10’ x 8’ you have more room.
  • Con: You do have to bring (or rent) your own table if you use one.