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Chicago Artisan Market showcases 100+ top artisans from Chicago and throughout the Midwest. Our curated market spans the categories of Food, Fashion, Home Goods + Art.  Held quarterly, each market attracts between 1,500 and 2,000 shoppers.

Next Market Dates:  | Sun , Oct 16, 2022 | Sun, Dec 11, 2022

In addition to shopping with our artisans, market attendees are welcome to enjoy DIY classes taught by our artisan-instructors.

How DIY Classes work?
* We pre-market your DIY class offerings at least 3-4 weeks in advance and require you to do the same. (We set-up separate order page for your referrals so you get credit. 🙂
* We pre-book all students online from the Chicago Artisan Market website.
* DIY class students pay in advance – so we can both plan ahead.
* As the DIY instructor, you pay a reduced rate of $150 to reserve a larger 10′ x 15′ space.
* We retain ~$10 of the DIY class fee to cover our set-up, marketing and transaction costs. All other class fees collected go to the DIY instructor.
* The DIY instructor may also sell classes directly and keep 100% of fees collected (must sell at the same price as advertised).

Each instructor is paid the day of the event.

* Leading up to the event, we share names and numbers of enrolled students.
* We provide chairs, advertising and a 10′ x 15′ space to prepare the DIY.
* DIY teacher will provide all materials, tables & also market the DIY project.

What do you get?
* Direct revenue opportunity with minimal cost.
* Pre-event marketing of your business & DIY class(es).
* Additional exposure at the market.

What do we get?
* We welcome another Artisan to join our community and help expand our reach. We make you a partner in promoting the market & your class.
* We give our guests a unique experience — and one more reason to come out to support Chicago’s finest artisans and independently owned businesses.

Email us or call us at (312) 461-9500 (Lynna) or (312) 461-9400 (Jonathan) with any questions.

DIY Application

Please enter details about each class you would like to teach or lead.  (The market is open from 10am to 4pm.)  Please enter a separate form for each class you would like to teach.  (If you are teaching the same class more than once, there is no need to fill out the form twice  — just make sure to let us know the different class times). We will use the information and images you provide to help us promote your DIY Class.

What market dates are of interest?
Please email images of the finished product to admin{at} Please include any images that you think will be helpful for promotion purposes. Make sure to put the class name in the subject line.

Multiple Classes:
You can teach as many classes as you have time for between 10:15am and 4pm. If you are leading multiple times of the same class, please note all class times in the "additional comments" section.

If you are doing multiple classes that each have different class descriptions, please complete the form a second time with the other class information.