Meet The Artisans

Wooden Element
Wooden Element
Amy's Cranberry Candy
Amy's Cranberry Candy
Hand Crafted Wellness - Rosemary + Citrus Body Butter
Hand Crafted Wellness
melt down co - holiday box
melt down co.
Amelia Street Studio - Leslie Knopp print
Amelia Street Studio
Tracey Capone Photography - Chicago El Train by Red Building
Tracey Capone Photography
Ullo - wine purifier + decanter
Brim and Dash - red hat
Brim and Dash
Long Table Pancakes - stack of pancakes
Long Table Pancakes
Arboreal Goods - Wooden Triangle Box
Arboreal Goods
Ann Everett Fashion Designs
Ann Everett Fashion Designs
Cornell Florist - Red Bouquet
Cornell Florist
Madcanvases - Victory Gardens Biography Theater
Luketti Handcrafted Jewelry - Earrings
Luketti Handcrafted Jewelry
Anke Loh - reversible scarf
Anke Loh
Loveknitz - butterscotch hat & jacket
Gracie Pie Apothecary - Artisan Goats Milk Soap
Gracie Pie Apothecary
The Winding Road - Cashmere Scarf
The Winding Road
Figaro - Brown Poncho
H.arts Henna Artistry
H.arts Henna Artistry
Skinny Souping - woman carrying soups
Skinny Souping
Indie-Pendant - jewelry in hand
Nikki Darling Confections - dark chocolate bar filled with popcorn studded caramel and vanilla orange nougat
Nikki Darling Confections
Powers Handcrafted Jewerlry - Earrrings
Powers Handcrafted Jewerlry
Herbal Garden Handcrafted Soap - Shea Butter & Oatmeal (Fragrance Free)
Herbal Garden Handcrafted Soap
Malka Chic - Black Leggings in December
Malka Chic
Threadings Handwoven Designs
Threadings Handwoven Designs
Paige6 - women in ponchos
F U Clothing - Jenny Rumps - Orange Scarf
F U Clothing
Think Jerky - Sweet Chipotle
Think Jerky
Lucy Blue Knits - Holiday Mittens
LucyBlue Knits
Big League Pins - Sister Jean (I Know Her) - Loyola University
Big League Pins
Image Diary - Chicago
Image Diary
Black Fodder Coffee
Black Fodder Coffee
J Mazun - necklace
J Mazun
Kathryn Korf Designs at Chicago Artisan Market
Kathryn Korf Designs
Deitricks Alpaca Ranch - Alpaca faces
Deitricks Alpaca Ranch
The Safe + Fair Food Company
The Safe + Fair Food Co.
Chula House - painted armadillo and frog
Chula House
Chicago Artizen - Chocolate & Nuts
Chicago Artizen
Element Candles - Garden I Scented Soy Candle
Element Candles
Virtue Cider - Michigan Apple can
Virtue Cider
Veronica Riley Martens - Purple stone necklace
Veronica Riley Martens
Sujata Gazder - Black Party Dress
Sujata Gazder
Jaclyn Faye by Gingerland
Artery Ink
Artery Ink
Life Bejeweled - Necklaces
Life Bejeweled
Swaby | designer Shernett Swaby
Juicy Luzy Sangria - 2 bottles with fruit
Juicy Luzy Sangria
Handmade by Michelle - Necklace
Handmade by Michelle
Lisa Slodki Jewelry
Denise Riesen Photography
Denise Riesen Photography
Christina Karin - Leather Moto Jacket
Christina Karin
LSS Luscious Knits
LSS Luscious Knits
Galaxy Pink & Peyton Rack Art - Laser cut Wood Earrings
Galaxy Pink & Peyton Rack Art
Bird Dog Bag - Bow Ties
Bird Dog Bay
Glamrocks Jewelry - Square
Glamrocks Jewelry
Via Seven - Turkish bath towels
Via Seven
Jenkins on Jonquil - Vases
Jenkins on Jonquil
Selleria Veneta - Black Leater Treviso Bag
Selleria Veneta
Chutney Devis
Chutney Devis
Elizabeth Kline Designs - Wood Necklaces
Elizabeth Kline Designs
Refefined Map Design - framed vintage map
Redefined Map Design
Yew + Narra - Naked Collection
Yew + Narra
Old Arthur's Barbeque
Shimmer By Cindy
Shimmer by Cindy
Gabriela Ephrem Shoes - Zipper Boots
Gabriela Ephrem Shoes
Kasia Marie Apparel - Chicago
Kasia Marie Apparel
Cork Art
Cork Art
Tania Rodamilans - Gold Necklace
Tania Rodamilans
Edgewater Candles - Orchid Neroli
Edgewater Candles
Till's Tastes
Till's Tastes
Sarita Kamat Designs
Sarita Kamat Designs
Village Batch Olive Oil
Village Batch
WowChow Snacks
WowChow Snacks
Julie's Chocolate bonbons
Julie's Chocolate
YASOU - Natural Skincare
YASOU - Natural Skincare
Bitter Ex Bitters
Bitter Ex Bitters
HML Studio - Hat & Fingerless Gloves (Alpaca Collection)
HML Studio
Isabelle Gougenheim - Scarf Tree
Isabelle Gougenheim
Michelle Starbuk Designs
Michelle Starbuk Designs
Shift Clothier
Shift Clothier
Bellezza | Amanda Florian
Bellezza | Amanda Florian
Alcala;s Boutique
Alcala's Boutique
Karl's Craft Soup
Karl's Craft Soup
Town & Anchor - Balancing Facial Oil
Town & Anchor
Stacy Rauba & Yutaka Fujita
Stacy Rauba & Yutaka Fujita
Causegear - Mustard Bag
143 Tees - Classic Gray V-Neck T-shirt
143 Tees
Echo Vie - Mint Tinted Lip Balm
Echo Vie
Giannelli Designs - Red Croc Bag
Giannelli Designs
Gloved Chicago
Gloved Chicago
Argan Unlimited - Culinary Argan Oil
Argan Unlimited
Six Point Pet
Six Point Pet
Midwest Juicery at the Chicago Artisan Market
Midwest Juicery
Tomato Bliss at Chicago Artisan Market
Tomato Bliss
Loverly Cottage
Velvet Dessert
HOVET Fashion Studio
HOVET Fashion Studio
Borris Powell at Chicago Artisan Market
Borris Powell
Manual Shop & Studio - Stool - Chicago, IL
Manual Shop & Studio
Pixie Dust Salts - Mediterranean Citrus
Pixie Dust Salts
Rejuven8 Bites
Poems While You Wait - Chicago Artisan Market
Poems While You Wait
Smart Postcards - Learning with Postcards at Chicago Artisan Market
Smart Postcards
Victoria Bornstein - Intoxicfated (Painting) at Chicago Artisan Market
Victoria Bornstein Art
Takara Deisigns at Chicago Artisan Market
Takara Designs
Taco in a Bag - Chicago, IL - Chicago Artisan Market
Taco in a Bag
My Fancy Hat
My Fancy Hat
Coat Check Chicago at Chicago Artisan Market
Coat Check Chicago
Blackout Baking Co. at Chicago Artisan Market
Blackout Baking Co.
Two Squares
Two Squares