Meet The Artisans

Life Bejeweled - Necklaces
Life Bejeweled
Anna Rae Art - CTA Blue Line (Damen Avenue)
Anna Rae Art
Christina Karin - Leather Moto Jacket
Christina Karin
Element Candles - Garden I Scented Soy Candle
Element Candles
Chula House - painted armadillo and frog
Chula House
Mac Dynamite - Skillet of Delicious Mac & Cheese
Mac Dynamite
Borris Powell - Red Clutch
Borris Powell
Edie Kasten - Blue Tank Dress
Edie Kasten
DTK Ceramics - Blue Ceramic Bowls
DTK Ceramics
Swaby | designer Shernett Swaby
Gabriela Ephrem Shoes - Zipper Boots
Gabriela Ephrem Shoes
Chicago Artizen - Chocolate & Nuts
Chicago Artizen
Lisa Slodki Jewelry
Denise Riesen Photography
Denise Riesen Photography
Global Attic
Global Attic
Juice RX - Green Smoothie
Juice RX
Eggro Rolls - Chicago
Eggro Rolls
De Mi Terra - Orange All Natural Multi-Purpose Cleaner
De Mi Terra
Doodlebooth - illustrations by Jana Kinsman (couple)
Ann Everett Fashion Designs - Chicago Designer
Ann Everett Fashion Designs
Virtue Cider - Michigan Apple can
Virtue Cider
Galaxy Pink & Peyton Rack Art - Laser cut Wood Earrings
Galaxy Pink & Peyton Rack Art
Generation Bee
Generation Bee
Velvet Dessert Macarons - Maggie O'Brien
Velvet Dessert
Chicago Kale Chip Co. - Coconut Umami
Chicago Kale Chip Co
Glamrocks Jewelry - Square
Glamrocks Jewelry
Cork Art
Cork Art
Elizabeth Kline Designs - Wood Necklaces
Elizabeth Kline Designs
Juicy Luzy Sangria - 2 bottles with fruit
Juicy Luzy Sangria
Effuse Candles - Coconut Wax Candle
Effuse Candles
Handmade by Michelle - Necklace
Handmade by Michelle
Chutney Devis
Chutney Devis
Jenkins on Jonquil - Vases
Jenkins on Jonquil
Eye Indigo - Chicago
Eye Indigo
Here Foods - Salad Dressings
Here Foods
joycoast - watches
Mojo Owl - Blue Drop Earrings
Mojo Owl
Zuri Collection Kumani Clutch
Zuri Collection
NP Glass Works
NP Glass Works
Yew + Narra - Naked Collection
Yew + Narra
Selleria Veneta - Black Leater Treviso Bag
Selleria Veneta
Moto Coffee Roasters - Barrel Aged Bukalasi Coffee - Uganda
Moto Coffee Roasters
Old Arthur's Barbeque
McMurray & Blonde - leather watch strap and mousepad
McMurray & Blonde
Mirabelle Studio - decorative box
Mirabelle Studio
Muggy Tuesday - Flower Necklaces
Muggy Tuesday
Shimmer by Cindy - ring
Shimmer by Cindy
Scone City
Scone City
Deco Coast
Deco Coast
Gindo's Hot Sauce
Gindo's Spice of Life
Tania Rodamilans - Gold Necklace
Tania Rodamilans
BarMan Dan - Bloody Mary Rim
BarrMan Dan
Lekkco - Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread (on french bread with berries)
Wood & Wax Co. - Clove & Coconut Soy Candle
Wood & Wax Co.
My Fancy Hat
My Fancy Hat
The Chow Brothers - Pierogi
The Chow Brothers
TeaGschwender Tea
TeaGschwender Tea
Wrightwood Candle Co.
Wrightwood Candle Co.
Causegear - Mustard Bag
Let Them Eat Candles - edible candles
Let Them Eat Candles
EEGE | El Elyon
EEGE | El Elyon
Wild Ophelia - Chocolate with Peanut Butter & Banana
Wild Ophelia
Sitto Arts & Crafts
Sitto Arts & Crafts
My Sanctuary Shop
My Sanctuary Shop
Nudo Diseno - Peace Necklace (Laser Cut Wood)
Nudo Diseno
Smile on a Dog
Smile on a Dog
Krysia Renau - Clamshell Necklace
Krysia Renau
Town & Anchor - Balancing Facial Oil
Town & Anchor
Madera Wooden Decor - Chicago Cubs
Madera Wooden Decor
Third Sight Tarot - Tarot Card Readings in Chicago
Third Sight Tarot
Causegear - Mustard Bag